Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I fly into?
Guatemala City, Guatemala – GUA La Aurora International Airport
When should I fly into Guatemala?
You can fly in the day of the retreat, March 21 and we’ll have our drivers pick you up.
When should I book my flight?
For the best rates, book your flight 2-3 months before the retreat start date.
What is included with the price?
Transportation to and from the airport, hotel, breakfast, activities (hiking Pacaya, Antigua Historic walk, Shaman ceremonies) Spiritual workshops and journals
Is the flight included?

No the flight is not included as our participants are coming from different destinations (ie different pricing) 

What is not included?
Meals (excluding breakfast) and anything else not listed on the itinerary.
What does the Fire and Cacao Ceremony consist of?
The Mayan ceremonies will be conducted by local Shamans. Every ceremony has a purpose and before it starts we put our intentions towards it. We follow the Sacred Mayan calendar Tz’olkin to give thanks for our existence. Special offerings are made for the Nahual of the person who requested the ceremony. We will also drink Cacao in order to open our heart chakra and release any blockages that may be hindering our growth. During the ceremony we will also receive a “limpia” or spiritual cleaning to help cleanse our aura and bring us back into harmony.
What is the Shaman experience?
The Shaman will facilitate the fire and cacao ceremonies as well as provide a spiritual cleanse, releasing you from burdens. They will also provide you with insight on your Nahual, which is your purpose in this life
How do refunds or cancellations work?
Our retreats are non-refundable and non-cancellable, and please note that they cannot be transferred to another date. However, you do have the option to transfer your booking to a friend for the same dates originally booked.
Do you have down payments?
Yes, we have a down payment plan. A non-refundable deposit of $600 is required in order to secure your spot. Failure to pay the remaining balance on time will result in forfeiting the deposit and your spot
Can we deviate from the itinerary listed above?
Due to time constraints, we are not able to deviate from the itinerary provided. However you will have free time throughout the retreat to go to the lake, shop, visit a spa or relax at the venue.
What if it rains or the weather is inclement?
We will still continue to do outdoor activities even if its raining. From our experience, rain showers pass within 20 minutes. If the weather is deemed unsafe, we will work around this and not put any participants or their safety at risk.
Will we have free time?
Yes, we have designed our itinerary to allow participants to enjoy Guatemala on their own. We truly want this to be your unique Bold Body experience. On designated days, you will have 2-3 hours to use as you wish (lake time, shop, pool, spa, etc).
What kind of food will we have?
We will be served a traditional Guatemala breakfast each morning which consists of eggs, tortillas/bread, black beans, fried plantains, soft cream/cheese along with coffee and/or tea.
Can I drink alcohol?
We ask that you refrain from drinking alcohol during the duration of the retreat to ensure that your body has the proper chance to reset and cleanse.
How much money should I bring?
Depending on how much shopping you’ll be doing, $300-500 will be plenty.
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