Awake the Divine Within

A women's empowerment retreat

Our retreat harmonizes the arts of manifestation, meditation, and women’s empowerment, offering a transformative journey tailored for each participant.
About Us

We provide a safe & supportive environment

Welcome to BoldBody Retreats, where your spiritual journey unfolds! Hosted by Andrea BoldBody, a passionate explorer of the inner self, our retreat is a haven for women seeking profound connections, personal growth, and the nurturing embrace of self-love.

Andrea, who herself embarked on a transformative spiritual journey, understands the profound impact of meditation, travel, and spirituality in fostering self-love and compassion. At BoldBody Retreats, we’ve crafted a unique experience exclusively for women ages 30 & up, uniting kindred spirits on a shared path of self-discovery.
Our retreat seamlessly blends the joys of travel, the thrill of adventure, and the wisdom of personal development. It’s a journey of transformation that we embark on together. Within our welcoming and empowering sanctuary, women can authentically express themselves, share their stories, and receive the support needed to empower them to lead their best lives.
Join us, as we embark on a journey to self-love and personal growth in the company of like-minded, courageous women

Our program includes a range of activities and workshops that focus on women’s empowerment, such as:

Unlock the Power of Manifestation

Participate in our workshops, aimed at guiding you to release limiting beliefs and manifest your wildest dreams

Healing Circles

Sacred circles to help each other heal using the collective energy of the group

Connect with your Divine Spirit

Through meditation, breathwork, and a soothing sound bath allow yourself to tap in for guidance

New Braunfels

Our retreat will be held in the beautiful country of New Braunfels, providing the perfect backdrop for your personal journey

New Braunfels retreat schedule

January 26 - 28, 2024

- Warm Welcome
- Guided Meditation
- Dive into Your Desires: Manifestation Workshop
- Dinner
- Women's Circle by the Fire or Soak in the Hot Tub
- Lights Out
- Serene Start: Meditation & Stretch
- Wholesome Breakfast
- Dive into Your Desires: Manifestation Workshop
- Nature Walk to Reconnect
- Dinner
- Women’s Circle by the Fire or Soak in the Hot Tub
- Lights Out
- Final Meditation and Closing Words
- Leisurely Breakfast
- Check-Out and Departure
Why Choose Us

Explore new worlds with us

At our retreat, you will have the opportunity to connect with other women, build new friendships, and create a community of support. We welcome women 30 & up, from different backgrounds, and experiences, who are ready to take bold steps toward living their best lives and finding spiritual healing.

Pricing Plans

OPTION 1: $455 (You + Random Partner)
* Price Per Person

Hotel accommodations:

OPTION 2: $595 (Single Person)
* Price Per Person

Hotel accommodations:

OPTION 3: $655 (Single Person)
* Price Per People

Hotel accommodations:

What Clients Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the focus of the retreat?
Learning how to manifest and also reset your nervous system
Who is this retreat designed for?
This manifestation retreat is for women ages 30 and above, who are on their path of healing, spirituality, and self-love. It is curated for women eager to forge a deep connection with themselves and are open to learning manifestation techniques. This retreat may not align with individuals seeking a lively party atmosphere or those desiring alcohol consumption.
How do refunds or cancellations work?
Our retreats are non-refundable and non-cancellable, and please note that they cannot be transferred to another date. However, you do have the option to transfer your booking to a friend for the same dates originally booked.
Do you have down payments?
Yes, we have a down payment plan, send us an email to inquire.
What kind of food will we have?
All meals will be gluten and dairy free to help the gut reset and detox. We believe healing begins from the inside, out.

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Join us on this transformative journey towards self-love, empowerment, and adventure.
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